Delivery Delay Information - COVID-19


Due to the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic, customers are advised that there may be delivery delays on both Domestic and International parcels from our warehouse.


 There are a variety of reasons for this, which include but are not limited to:

- Less international flights for freight meaning that parcels may have a delay in leaving Australia, bound for their destination country

- Customs/Border Control offices being closed or having staff numbers reduced to allow for social distancing, or having those staff re-tasked to different aspects of Border Control

- Local Postal services running at lower capacities due to closures of postal depots/stations en route to the destination.


Please be assured that our warehouse is still processing, packing and dispatching as many parcels/orders as we can every day. We are following the advice of the Australian Government/Medical Professionals and have put in place rules and systems to ensure all staff here are maintaining social distancing to protect themselves and others. These added processes may increase processing times, as we have limited the number of staff that can be working at any single time.


For information regarding which countries are experiencing delays, please see the following link, which is continuously being updated by Australia Post:


For more specific information, such as to see how much this impacts your local area/country - please get in contact with your local postal service, or check the relevant Government website for your location.

We're working hard to get your orders to you as soon as physically possible, however these external delays after dispatch are not within our control, and we also are unable to get them to you any faster after they are no longer in our hands.

The Team @ Popcultcha HQ


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    david ellks

    can u send me the invoce agan cause for some reson the post invoce has missing i dont no why it was there yesterday

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