ECCC 2018 Exclusives

The 2018 ECCC Exclusives Event will begin at Popcultcha on Friday 2rd March. (On-line and at our 2 stores in Geelong) At this stage we will be keeping all the cool products we have from Funko a surprise for the day. Here are some things you need to know before the event takes place. 

  • Popcultcha will NOT be releasing a list of the products that we will have available until the starting time of the event.
  • Stock is highly limited so we recommend you pick the products you would most like to add to your collection and checkout with them first. Remember, an item in your cart is not purchased and if someone checks-out before you, you might miss out! The demand for these products is much higher then the amount we are able to provide, we cannot help if something sells out before you are able to get it and we will not be held responsible in the event this takes place.
  • If a products does sell out prior to you checking out you will not be able to leave the cart section until you remove the item from your cart. Please refer to the photos at the bottom of this page. 
  • In the event there are website issues we can ensure you we will be working as hard and fast as possible to get the site working at full capacity.
  • For this event we have activated our queuing system which will allow people onto the website gradually instead of all at once. We have tested this system on our last major product release and it worked extremely well and cut issues down dramatically. While on this queue page you will be notified of your wait time to access the site, and also allows you to see any updates on products. 
  • Orders cannot be taken over the phone.
  • The shipping time will be longer than the usual 24-48 hour timeframe that we aim for, however we will work as hard as we can to get all orders out the door ASAP. It may take up to a 4-7 business days to process all orders.
  • All Pops may be limited to unless indicated otherwise. 
  • All 2018 ECCC Exclusives will be sent out the way that Popcultcha have received the stock from Funko. We will not be held liable, nor is there any recourse if the item you receive has a different sticker or is un-stickered. All 2018 ECCC Exclusives products will be treated as an exclusive item.
  • If your item arrives with damaged packaging due to postal services we cannot guarantee that we will have a replacement box. It is at Popcultcha's discretion on how to proceed with any exchanges, returns or refunds. Click here to see Popcultcha's Funko Pop Vinyl Damages Policy.
  • Shipping costs for multiple orders will not be cancelled or merged. 
  • During this busy time we will not be able to add product(s) to your existing orders because of the sheer amount of orders being processed in the warehouse. If you wish to purchase more, you will have to make a new order.
  • Order cancellations will be treated as normal but may not be processed until the end of the event due to the sheer volume of incoming orders.  
  • Regardless of any frustrations (and no doubt there will be!) please don’t abuse the staff at Popcultcha, should you miss out on any products or if anything goes wrong during the event. We are very fortunate that Funko have allowed us to sell any of the 2018 ECCC Exclusives products and it is not our staff’s fault if people miss out on items or if the website crashes due to unprecedented demand. 
  • Please note that the time chosen to start the event is not to benefit any customers or customers location. As we are an Australian company that runs a 9am - 5:30pm trading hour model, the time chosen is to make sure all hands are on deck when the event occurs and we have the ability to correct any issues that arise. 
  • At this stage all ECCC Funko Exclusives are still under (RS) Restricted Shipping and cannot be sent to the USA or Canada. If this changes we will remove the (RS) from the listings.
  • Finally, Popcultcha will not be able to answer all 2018 ECCC Exclusives enquiries due to the sheer number we are likely to receive. If the question has been addressed via the FAQ there is high chance that we will not be able to respond. We will be using all of our man-power to ensure the event runs smoothly and the orders can be shipped as quickly as possible.







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