International Shipping

International Shipping

Pack & Track International

This is the standard international service offered through Australia Post. This option is only available for orders weighing under 2kg. If you are having trouble selecting this option at the checkout it is likely your order is more than the allowed weight. This service is fully traceable on the Australia Post website so that you have the piece of mind to know where your parcel has been scanned and at what stage of the journey it is in. This service estimates delivery within 3 to 15 business days after our warehouse Processing Period. (This may vary for certain countries. Check Australia Post’s International Postal Guide for country specific information and regulations). 

Postage rates start at $12.50 AUD for this service and can be shipped but not limited to the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • USA

Express Courier International (ECI)

ECI is our fastest service, and is full trackable. The parcel is sent through Australian Post ECI system which estimates delivery in 3 - 10 business days  (after warehouse Processing Periods) in all zones. International orders weighing more than 2kg and/or from locations outside of the Pack & Track network must be sent via ECI.

This service is a premium express courier service and is fully traceable on the Australia Post website, so that you have the piece of mind to know where your parcel has been scanned and at what stage of the journey it is in. Also, the item moves far quicker through this system than it would via regular International Air Mail. Moreover, parcels require signature at the point of delivery abroad.

Due to the premium nature of this service, it is a little more expensive than Pack & Track International, so please use our cart shipping calculator to assist in your decision making as to shipping service.

Please note that where you have elected to pay for ECI shipping on a shopping cart that contains a mix of in stock and pre-order items, we will send your in stock items out via ECI shipping, however the balance of the pre-order items may be shipped out via Pack & Track International (or another available method of shipping)as and when each of them arrive into stock. Our system simply does not allow for an accurate shipping price for multiple shipments. So what does this mean for you... our international friends? Your in stock items will ship out super quick as per normal, your pre-order items may take a little longer to get over to you. If you really want an ECI service, we suggest you make separate orders for in stock items and then for pre-order items and this will ensure everything will ship via ECI.

Pre-Order Items

If you have placed an order on our website for in-stock and pre-order items, please be aware that if multiple pre-order items arrive at the same time, we reserve the right to ship the newly arrived pre-orders in the same parcel. The shipping of tertiary parcels containing pre-ordered items may be combined across other orders you have placed in order to keep your items together for safety and ease of delivery.


Packing Standards

We don’t like to brag at Popcultcha, but having been in the collectables industry for over 21 years now, we know all about mint condition collectables and the fastidious nature of collecting stuff!

What’s more is that most of us Popcultcha Peeps are collectors ourselves! What this means for you is that we pack your orders the way we like to receive our own orders, so we take the utmost care in ensuring your goodies get from our HQ to your home safely and securely.

Combined Shipments

From time to time Popcultcha will merge shipments to ensure that packages are moving smoothly through parcel services. With worldwide shipping limitations, we are endeavoring to ensure that we have the least amount of packages in transit at any one time. All freight costs are based on parcel weight, as such all shipping costs are being utilized in these shipments. Combined shipments may consist of multiple newly placed in-stock orders, recently arrived pre-orders, or replacement items as necessary. We have found this to be the most practical way to ensure all items are arriving quickly and safely to customers both in Australia and around the world.


Statues, Busts, Hot Toys & High-End Collectables 

Where items arrive to us Factory Sealed, we send them out Factory Sealed.

We are not in the business of opening and playing with our toys and collectables, we bring them in and send them back out again! With Hot Toys we bubble wrap the individual Hot Toys cartons to give them a little extra padding in the courier/mail process. The only Hot Toys we generally don't bubble wrap are the bigger bulkier items that have carry handles in any event.

With Sideshow items such as Statues and Busts, we send them out exactly the way they come in, factory sealed and in their original cartons.

The only exception to these standards is where you, the customer, request us to open an item, inspect it for any potential shipping damage or defect and return it to the box exactly the way we found it. This is rare that we do this, as both Popcultcha and the customer would prefer to deal in factory sealed cartons.

Lost Items

Please be aware that Australia Post will not allow an investigation to begin on missing items until a period of three weeks (15 business days) has passed since the last tracking scan.

For further information please follow this link to Australia Post's FAQ on missing items.





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