Exchange Rates

As we are an Australia company and deal with Australian currency your order will come up in both currencies when you finalise. You will see  eg: US/UK pricing and then in AUD. (Which can be higher depending on our dollar) It is that "Grand Total To Be Charged" which is the Australian Dollar (AUD) value that will be deducted from your account.

Depending on what the Australian dollar is trading at currently compared to your local currency there could be a major or minimal difference, but rest assure you only pay the equivalent in your local currency as the AUD value is the amount paid.

Please be aware that we also try to have the most up to date currency rates at all times but with fluctuations in the international currency rates every day we cannot guarantee it. Please use the converted prices on on our website as a guide only as there can be some slight differences between what is shown and what is charged. 

We also cannot guarantee what exchange rates Paypal use at any given time so there can also be a slight variance from their end.

For further details about Paypal's exchange rates, which also includes a Currency Conversion Fee and Additional Fees please visit their website. 

As we deal in Australian Currency in the end that is all we get, the Australian Dollar Value (Grand Total To Be Charged) of the orders total which is shown. 

For Australian customers - if you are using a VPN or IP blocker this will alter your location to the website and may alter the way prices are shown. If you are using such a device we are not liable for any price discrepancies that are shown on your end and you may be liable for further costs on said order.  


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