What is a Pre-Order ETA?

What the hell is a Pre-Order ETA? Well.... A pre-order product is one which has either yet to be released to the public (ie. Is still being manufactured and transported to the Popcultcha Warehouse) or is simply a product that was in stock but has now temporarily sold out and we are awaiting it to arrive back into stock.

It follows then that a Pre-Order ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the time at which we expect a pre-order product to arrive into our Popcultcha Warehouse. Now, this Pre-Order ETA is either supplied to us by the manufacturer of the product or is amended as and when we receive updated shipping advice. Being a retailer in the Collectables industry, quite often these ETA's can be delayed... sometimes significantly. Please know that most often this is beyond our control and is simply the nature of the collectables industry.

As soon as we get information about when a product is about to ship or that it has in fact been delayed, we will update the Pre-Order ETA on our website for that particular product. This should also send an automated email to all customers with this item on pre-order, to alert you of the change in date.

The ETA of any pre-order item can be found by checking that items "product page" on our site:



We do understand that changes in Estimated Arrival Dates can be frustrating, however as the manufacture, shipping and delivery to us of the merchandise you are waiting for is not in the hands of Popcultcha to control, we are at the mercy of the manufacturer to get the items we have ordered for you, to us as soon as they are able. In the event that a pre-order item is delayed, the Conditions of Sale still apply.

So we thank you in advance for your patience and can only advise you to keep checking back on our website at your pre-order products.

Please contact one of our friendly staff members if you have any further questions. 


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