12 Days of Christmas 2017 - T&C's

Welcome to our annual “12 Days of Christmas” sale for 2017. For those of you who are like wallpaper around here, you should know the drill by now! For those newbies, we will set it out for you below.


  • Each day of the “12 Days of Christmas” will bring a new and different sale. Each Sale commences at 10:00am and will conclude at 9:00am the following day - Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Time. Times will be strictly enforced, so please do not call us if you missed out, plan around the event so that you get access to everything you need.


  • The sale discount on each day stands alone. For instance, it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or sale. Some things that spring to mind are Popcultcha Pennies and Discount Codes, they are all disabled and cannot be used against items that are on sale.


  • The sale applies to “in stock” items only, it will not apply against “pre-order” items. By all means, please add a pre-order item to your cart, we would love to process and secure that bad boy for you, it just won’t attract any discount via the sale.


  • The sale applies to all orders placed via our website during the sale period and which have payment completed - so please use PayPal or Credit Card payment. If you select bank transfer, you must complete the transfer at the time of placing the order and we will allow 1-2 business days for it to appear in our account. Anything further out than that, we will need to cancel the discount and should you still want the order, you will need to make payment of the shortfall.


  • The sale also applies to transactions made in our Geelong Supastore on each of the given days.


  • Lay-Bys - should an item appear on sale that you have on lay-by, either through our online store or through the Geelong Supastore, you need to get to either premises or contact us via telephone and make payment of your lay-by in full to have the discount applied during the sale times 10am to 9am the following day. Items must be paid in full / goods collected or sent immediately.


  • Pre-Orders or Recent Sales - these sales cannot be applied retrospectively to orders/transactions already made. The sale is for the defined 23 hour period and is only applied to new transactions made during that period. The only exception is the above lay-by rule to pay in full on that day, or if you have pre-orders sitting with us that have yet to be collected and paid for, they must be completed/collected during the sale to get the discount (essentially they have become a lay-by since coming into stock). There may be individual items that cross-over between sales though and there will be no recourse for any further discounts, should your item appear in another sale ie. The discount offered on the day of your transaction is final. We thank you for your understanding.


  • At Popcultcha, we have thousands of items that move in and out of stock every day. As such, items sell out very quickly and this can occur before our system has updated, this happens from time to time. Should an item sell out or be out of stock, we will refund the amount attributable to that item back to your original payment method and send the balance of your order, so as to avoid delay as best we can. If you wish to shop for an alternative product, by all means, once you have received your refund, call our customer service team on 1300 586 291 to make a phone order, thereby ensuring that we have the stock on hand and ensuring we can ship it within your deadline. Due to the significantly high volume of orders we receive in this short period, refunding out of stock items and keeping your order moving through our warehouse is the only way we can function at this time of the year, ordinarily we would reach out to you and give you the opportunity to choose another item. Sorry :(


  • The sales event may bring a lot of extra customer communication and we have added extra customer support members, however there may be delays in responding to your messages. Rest assured, we will get in contact with you asap. If you can please help us by not emailing or contacting us via social media multiple times about the same issue, doing so only slows us down. We appreciate your patience over this very busy time.


  • To make sure we can get your Christmas shopping to you before the big day we've added some helpful information relating to our cut off timeframes. Please check out this information at the following link here



If you feel like sharing your experience with us please email us at


We thank you once again, our loyal Popcultcha fans and customers, for shopping with us here at Thanks for trusting us with all your pop culture shopping needs, we are humbled by your support and loyalty to our business and we love rewarding you guys and gals with super sales this Christmas!


We are still a local, family owned business here in Geelong, Australia having entered our 24th year of operations in this industry! Your support has allowed us to grow and employ more and more people from Geelong and the Surf Coast, which we think is awesome! We look forward to being your one-stop shop for the next 24 years also!!


Merry Christmas from all at Popcultcha!







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