Welcome to Popcultcha’s Funko San Diego Comic Con Event 2017


We thought we would put together a playbook for you Popcultcha Fans to know what is happening around our release of these products.

There are going to be 2 ways in which you can purchase our Funko 2017 Summer Convention Exclusives, which we will outline below:

1. Visit our Geelong Popcultcha Supastore in person. The store will open at 9am on Friday 21 July 2017 AEST for this event and ALL of our available items will be on show for customers to purchase in limited quantities.

  • Please note, all 2017 Summer Convention Exclusives will be limited to 1 per person.
  • An orderly queue will be formed outside the store and we will process customers on a first come first served basis as quickly as we can.
  • Please note, all sales are final, Popcultcha Pennies cannot be used in store, nor can any other offer or online discount code.

2. Visit our website, at 9am on Friday 21 July 2017 AEST where we will be releasing ALL of our Funko 2017 Summer Convention Exclusives that are available and processed at that time.

  • Please note, all 2017 Summer Convention Exclusives will be limited to 1 per person online also.
  • Our (expanded) team will be working around the clock to process these transactions but due to the large volume of orders we will receive, some people can experience up to a week’s delay in having your order ship out.

Some tips and tricks to making your purchases successful around this frenzy of Funko goodness:

1. Check Yo’ Popcultcha Account by Logging In Now!

  • There are two ways of checking out a cart on our website. You can use PayPal Express from a “View Cart” level which will be a quick and efficient way of checking out your goods. We advise that you should log into your Popcultcha account on our website now and ensure your PayPal details are the same on our website, as they are in PayPal ie. email address and shipping/billing address, as we will default to your PayPal address details when shipping.
  • The other means of checking out is by using our Check Out through Braintree, our payment processing partner. You can use your PayPal account or credit card via this check out. If you experience issues with this, you can try the other PayPal Express method of check out at the View Cart level.

2. We have let you all know that each of these items are 1 per person, so don’t try and put in more than 1 unit (of the same type) in your cart, it will only delay your check out by throwing up errors. Get what you need and check out, there’s no time to stop and smell the roses unfortunately! (You can buy different SDCC items in the same transaction, but not two of the same one). Subsequent or duplicate orders of the same item from this event may be cancelled in full.

3. Try not to use Popcultcha Pennies and discount codes that may or may not be valid/expired. This is just another process that will delay your check out and you may potentially miss out on items due to the fast paced frenzy of 1,000’s of customers all wanting the same items.

4. We cannot combine orders. If you at some time choose to place more than one order on our site during this event, each order will be processed individually, please don’t request this as it will unfortunately be denied during this frenzied selling period and will only take time away from processing customer orders.

5. Changes to orders - as you can imagine, we receive thousands upon thousands of orders during this sale, which increases the load on our Customer Service team. As such, there can be delays on getting your queries and tickets answered. We cannot effect changes to already placed orders in this time due to the volume of orders and queries.

6. All Exclusive items from the SDCC event will be marked as (RS), and will not be able to be sold to, or sent to Customers in the U.S. or Canada. For more on what this means, please check our Restricted Shipping FAQ

7. An item in your cart is not secure until you have a successful check out. The demand for these products far outweighs the supply unfortunately. If you experience trying to check out and an item in your cart is now sold out, you will need to delete that item from your cart and re-try the check out.

In closing, we wish you luck in this event. Not everyone is going to get what they want, that’s the nature of limited edition collectables. Be good, be kind to each other… and be kind to our staff here at Popcultcha.

Historically, we have fallen victim to IT failures due to the volume of demand around this event. As we do every year, we make increased changes to all of our systems and structures, we incur significant cost in doing so, however we simply cannot guarantee that you will not experience issues, that’s just frenzied online sales! We rely on 3rd parties expertise around this and we are all striving for a successful event in 2017. If there are issues, our teams and staff will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to rectify and service you guys and gals as best we can here at Popcultcha.


Ash Howard



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