Fraud Checking System

Fraud Checking System

As much as we'd love to have no issues with fraudulent activity, the reality is that it's a part of any online business and we have not been spared from it. In order to combat this ever-growing issue, we have had to implement a new Fraud Detection System called "Signifyd" to monitor all orders being placed on our website to curb this continuing loss of products and funds. Please note that as of May 2017 all orders now go through the following processing.

New Order Process

01: All orders placed on our website are scanned by our third-party program "Signifyd" to determine if any irregularities are present. 

02: If no irregularities are found your order will continue to be processed as per the normal processing time frames without interruption. 

03: If irregularities are found your order will go on Temporary Hold and we will contact you to gain further information. A few examples of why we may need to contact you are below. 

  • We may need to determine why a large distance is between billing and shipping addresses.
  • We may need to determine why differing names are being used across an order. 
  • We may need to determine why your payment details do not match your name.

Please note that there will be a slight delay in processing your order during the above process. 

04: On occasion, we may need to ask for further information to be emailed in to confirm identities, especially for first-time customers.

  • This information will only be viewed by Popcultcha and Signifyd staff to determine the validity of an order.
  • Please note that your personal privacy is always respected and kept in the strictest confidence. We will never share your details with any third party entities unless authorised by you.

05: Once any affected orders have been approved with sufficient information being provided, your order will continue to be processed as per the normal processing time frames without interruption. 

06: If an order is unable to be approved due to lack of information provided, or we are unable to corroborate information, or no contact from affected customers a cancellation of the affected order will be actioned and a refund of all monies paid asap. 

  • If we have not received a response to our enquiries within a week of your order being placed on hold, we will refund you automatically.  

Things To Note! 

Using a VPN/IP Changers or a Hosting Service does trigger our system so we please ask that you have such devices switched off when making any orders.

If an order comes through with such a device being used we may contact you, or we may refund the order and send you an email asking that you replace the order with the device being switched off.


Please Note: If you do receive a request for information we are not accusing you of any wrongdoing, we are just trying to corroborate some inconsistencies in an order to help protect all parties involved. 


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    Gabriel Milbauer

    How do I submit a photo copy of my ID?

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    Adam & Shannon

    Please respond to the email request, or if you no longer have that send a message to

    Popcultcha HQ

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